UPDATE: Mississippi deadly tornado kills 26 people
United States
United States

UPDATE: Mississippi deadly tornado kills 26 people

UPDATE: The death toll from the Tornado that swept through the US state of Mississippi has risen to 26.

A deadly tornado ripped through several counties leaving dozens missing. 

Mississippi's Governor declared a state of emergency after the first wave of severe storms pelted the region.

Search and rescue efforts are underway, with buildings destroyed, trees uprooted and power lines torn down.

"Last night it was dark, we were using flashlights, so now I can see what I didn't see earlier this morning," said Rolling Fork Mayor, Eldridge Walker.

"It's worse, my community is gone."

The US President has offered full support to Mississippi.

In a statement from the White House, Joe Biden says he is praying for the families of the people killed, while announcing the immediate deployment of emergency response crews.

Residents of destroyed towns are not sure what they will do as the storm system heads east with threats of more tornadoes.

"Thank God we are alive but also we are so devastated," said a local Mississippi resident.

"We don't know where everybody is.

"We don't know who's alive and who's gone."