Canadian farmer finds weirdest-looking potatoes ever

Canadian farmer finds weirdest-looking potatoes ever

Any fruit or vegetable farmer knows that unfortunately, not every piece of produce looks exactly how it should.

But one potato farmer from Vancouver Canada may have taken the cake when it comes to weird-looking veggies.

Posting video's to his TikTok account @heppellspotato Tyler showed off some of the strangest and most unique potatoes he has ever come across.

From a potato that looks like a set of lungs to a potato inside a potato, this farmer has certainly got an eye for some of the most bizarre vegetables you could ever see.

And if you weren't impressed by those, check out what he has dubbed the 'top 10 weirdest potatoes' he has collected in the past year.


The weirdest looking potatoes I found after a year of grading ~ which one was your favourite? #potatotiktok #potatoes #potato #potatotok #farmer

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