Hyundai hydrogen-powered truck equivalent to removing emissions of 112 fuel-powered cars

Hyundai hydrogen-powered truck equivalent to removing emissions of 112 fuel-powered cars

Grant Doull from Hyundai joined REX hosts Hamish McKay and Rebecca Greaves live at Fieldays and said it is an industry-breaking innovation.

"New Zealand is the second commercialised country in the world to have this product," he said.

"We've got the first right-hand (drive) truck in the world on the road now with NZ Post, so that's a full commercial operation."

Doull explained that the hydrogen-powered vehicle provides a number of commercial advantages compared to the more common diesel truck.

"If you look at a Diesel truck, massive emissions, they burn a lot of fuel. We've got zero emissions coming out of this truck. It's only water, heat and a little bit of electricity."

Once the truck is fitted with a body on the back, seven tanks that hold 32 kilograms of Hydrogen, will fuel it for around 400km. 

While there is not yet a publicly disclosed fuel price for Hydrogen-powered vehicles, Doull told Greaves and McKay that there is a plan to roll out a North Island network of Hydrogen fuelling stations.

"400km at 40 tonnes is the range that we have out of the trucks so really, really productive for a truckie.

Hyundai's immediate focus is to get more zero-emissions hydrogen-powered trucks on the road but Doull hinted at some other projects around fuel and power generation that he hinted may be revealed sometime next year.

"Every single one of the trucks we've put on the road would have the equivalent to 112 passenger cars in emission offset."

Listen to the full chat between Grant Doull, Rebecca Greaves and Hamish McKay above.

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