Brave runner risks injury to rescue trapped ram
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Brave runner risks injury to rescue trapped ram

When a wild ram got its horn wrapped around a small tree and couldn't escape, it looked like it might be stuck for good, if it weren't for a kind man named Seth.

Wild rams often use trees or rocks to scratch but unfortunately for this one, his curling horn got caught around a thin tree trunk and from the amount of loose dirt around the tree it looks like it had been stuck there for a little while.

Luckily for the ram, a runner stumbled across it and despite the imminent danger of being rammed by the ram's massive horns, stepped in to try and help free it.

Managing to stay just out of reach of the frantic ram, the man leans forward and attempts to bend the tree down, to help the ram free its horn from the trunk.

Although unsuccessful to begin with, the man reaches out cautiously to try and move the ram's horns by hand while still avoiding the sharp-tipped horns of the ram.

Eventually, the ram calms down enough to let the man grab its horn and take a stab at carefully sliding the tree trunk between the end of the horn and the ram's head.

Despite some resistance, the runner manages to free the ram, without getting caught by a stray horn or hoof and celebrates with the person videoing the ordeal as the ram absolutely legs it away into the forest.

The video is accompanied by a plethora of adoring comments, with the runner, Seth being hailed an absolute hero for putting himself in potential danger to save the stuck animal.

"Great job…thank you for your kindness to animals", one person commented.

"I wish there were more people like y'all," another wrote.

While it's unlikely the man's life was at risk, as someone who doesn't appear to have much if any experience with farm animals, he certainly could have been seriously injured if he was even clipped by the rams horns or a stray kick.