Groundswell NZ announces 'Drive 4 Change' movement encouraging rural Kiwis to vote
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Groundswell NZ announces 'Drive 4 Change' movement encouraging rural Kiwis to vote

A unique and impactful initiative is set to kick off on the 22nd of September, as Groundswell NZ launches its 'Drive 4 Change' campaign. 

Drive 4 Change is a 1,600km tractor journey that aims to not only raise awareness but also to mobilise voters, encouraging them to exercise their democratic right for the betterment of the country.

The driving force behind this endeavour, co-founders Bryce McKenzie and Laurie Paterson, will embark on a journey that starts in Invercargill and culminates in Auckland, with a speaking event scheduled at the Ellerslie Racecourse on the 1st of October at 1 pm.

At the heart of this campaign lies a straightforward yet impactful message: the status quo isn't acceptable, and change is essential. Groundswell NZ underscores the importance of citizens' participation in the voting process to drive the much-needed change in the current landscape.

Central to the campaign's message is the concern voiced by farmers and food producers. These vital contributors to the nation's economy feel that their concerns have been largely overlooked. The claim that consumers are actively seeking emissions-efficient food, while the country's produce is already internationally recognized for its efficiency, has fueled their frustration. This sentiment is particularly resonant as it impacts not only their livelihoods but also the national economy.

Farmers and food producers take pride in New Zealand's sustainable agricultural practices, which are among the best globally. These stewards of the land strive to harmonize their practices with environmental well-being. However, they express that the current Government's approach to regulations has been excessively burdensome and hasty, affecting both the agricultural sector and the broader economy.

The campaign is not only about regulations and economic concerns but also addresses the mental well-being of rural communities. The weight of regulatory burdens and financial uncertainties has created a negative outlook for the agriculture sector. This, in turn, has contributed to a dip in the mental well-being of individuals and communities in rural areas.

As the Drive 4 Change campaign hits the road, it invites all New Zealanders to join the movement. Groundswell NZ is not merely focused on the interests of farmers and food producers; they believe that the campaign's message is pertinent to everyone in the country. The campaign asserts that a change in the current trajectory is imperative for the collective well-being of the nation.

With the journey from Invercargill to Auckland symbolizing the need for nationwide solidarity, this initiative emphasizes the importance of informed voting and collective action. As the co-founders traverse the country, they aim to invigorate conversations, foster engagement, and instigate a positive shift in the socio-economic and political landscape.

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