NZDA excited to get Wild Goat Hunting Competition underway

NZDA excited to get Wild Goat Hunting Competition underway

The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association (NZDA) and The Department of Conservation (DOC) have partnered to run a new National Wild Goat Hunting competition. 

Hunters across Aotearoa New Zealand will be able to participate with permission from the landowner or local authority from 1st August to 26th November 2023.

NZDA National Vice President Callum Sheridan told REX host Dominic George the competition is a win-win for hunters and conservation.

"We're getting a lot of questions and people looking like they are going to take part," he said.

"It's exciting to be getting it off the ground finally."

The competition is open to anyone who is legally allowed to hunt and Sheridan explained that as long as you have permission from the land owner or a DOC permit, there are no geographical restrictions as to where the animals can be hunted.

The event is also supported by Federated Farmers of NZ and leading retailer Hunting and Fishing NZ which he said are both great resources to spread word of the competition.

"It's great to have Federated Farmers onboard and socialising this competition with their members as well."

Sheridan pointed out that maintaining a manageable goat population is useful as long as they are not causing significant harm to the surrounding vegetation and wildlife.

"They are a great asset for new hunters because they are such an easy animal.

"Goats sort of hang around and give you a bit more of a chance so for new hunters and getting people into it to provide a bit of food for their families it's a great opportunity."

The 15 NZDA branches across the country will serve as 'hubs' for the competition, where hunters can have their heads measured and tails counted. $50,000 of prizes have also been donated by the Hunting and outdoors sector which could be handed out at any of the hubs at any time throughout the competition.

Caazador Restaurant in Auckland will be working with the NZDA to create a number of recipes from the hunted goat throughout the duration of the competition to give people an idea of what they can do with the goat.

Head to the Department Of Conservation website for more information including the location of all competition hubs and the best locations to hunt goats across New Zealand.

Listen to the full chat between NZDA Vice President Callum Sheridan and Dominic George above.

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