NZ's educational makeover: Bremworth's wool initiative rethinking classroom flooring

NZ's educational makeover: Bremworth's wool initiative rethinking classroom flooring

New Zealand's education system has a new hero, and it's not the latest high-tech gadget or digital learning platform - it's wool. Bremworth, a leading New Zealand carpet manufacturer, is spearheading a game-changing initiative, aimed at revolutionizing school sustainability and placing wool at the forefront of classrooms nationwide.

The Bremworth Wool and Education Initiative is creating a wave of change in the education sector, one wool carpet at a time. The initiative is making New Zealand wool carpets more accessible for schools by reducing margins, potentially saving schools a hefty sum by offering a product subsidy of at least 30% of the cost of the wool carpet for each school.

Chief Executive of Bremworth Greg Smith told REX host Dominic George that a school needing 400 sqm of carpet could save over $10,000 through their initiative.

"There's a deep desire to lessen the impact of petrochemicals-based products in our lives," said Smith.

"We got wind of what was going on through a lot of news. There's probably very few Kiwis who want to support the big oil industry by putting in synthetic tiles into a rural school in New Zealand."

The paradox lies in the fact that as we educate children about sustainability, synthetic tiles are sneaking into classrooms. Smith believes this situation seems "crazy," given the abundant wool resource New Zealand has to offer.

"Why wouldn't you want wool and our kids to be learning on wool?" is a question that echoes across the green valleys and hills of our wool-rich nation. It is a paradox that this initiative aims to address.

Smith elaborates on the role of the community in this endeavour, stating that its support is vital for the initiative's success and in creating healthier, more natural learning environments for students.

"So, at the end of the day, if there's enough people who can get behind this and there's a petition that's going around as well about this, then what you'll find is that they'll start to listen."

With the initiative's help, Bremworth aims to bring about a future where kiwi classrooms aren't just about textbooks and technology, but also about teaching children the value of sustainability, natural products, and the importance of supporting local industries.

The Bremworth Wool and Education Initiative isn't just about providing affordable wool carpets for schools. It's about making a statement - a statement that champions the New Zealand wool industry encourages sustainable practices and sets an example for future generations. It's about making a change for the better, one wool carpet at a time.

In the words of Greg Smith, "We're all about world first, aren't we?" And with this initiative, New Zealand is once again leading the way towards a sustainable future.

Listen to the full chat between Bremworth Carpets CEO Greg Smith and Dominic George above.

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