Groundswell NZ commence Drive 4 Change tractor tour across New Zealand
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Groundswell NZ commence Drive 4 Change tractor tour across New Zealand

If there’s one thing Bryce McKenzie knows, it’s how to make a statement. The co-founder of Groundswell NZ is embarking on an unusual but powerful campaign to fight against restrictive regulations with a nationwide tractor tour, Drive 4 Change

Together with fellow co-founder Laurie Patterson, McKenzie aims to raise awareness and rally support against the unworkable regulations and policies that Groundswell has been standing up against.

Kicking off from Invercargill on September 22, McKenzie told REX host Dominic George the tour is more than just a show of defiance, it’s a beacon of hope and a call to action. 

“We've been planning this for months. We decided we'd do something just before the election and it was to actually motivate people to get out and vote," he said.

"We all know what's happening in rural New Zealand and it's not nice.”

Their route takes them from the serene landscapes of the South Island to the bustling streets of Auckland. On their way, they’ll be igniting conversations about rural mental health, while also spreading the word about the importance of exercising voting rights on October 14. 

Their intricate planning includes a policy bonfire on September 30 in Auckland, symbolizing their fight against policies they deem detrimental to their cause.

The tractor tur also focuses on rural mental health. McKenzie and Patterson believe in the power of conversation to alleviate mental health struggles. McKenzie encourages people to join them, even if only for a few hours. 

“Just join us and motivate them to get out there on the 14th of October and vote.”

The conversation between McKenzie and George covered a range of topics from the planning and motivation behind the tour, the importance of exercising voting rights, to the need for better regulations. 

McKenzie didn’t shy away from his critiques of the current Government, highlighting his hopes for the future. He believes the market should determine farming practices and oppose government regulation that doesn’t align with these signals.

It’s not just about tractors and farms; it’s about taking a stand against regulations that don't work and empowering the rural voice. So, whether you're on a farm or in the city, keep an eye out for this tractor convoy advocating for change. As McKenzie puts it, “We’d like to see a united rural voice.” It seems the wheels are already in motion.

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Listen to the full chat between Groundswell NZ co-founder Bryce McKenzie and Dominic George above.

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