Kiwi-made software company reshaping the future of agriculture

Kiwi-made software company reshaping the future of agriculture

The rural sector is a vibrant market with significant potential for growth, especially with the recent election results and the potential for an increase in business confidence. 

Syndex Chief Executive Officer Ross Verry told REX host Dominic George that farmer-centric software company Trev could be the future of farming, not just domestically but also on a global scale. 

"Making good, timely decisions in farming is often the difference between success and failure for those farming business owners," he said.

Currently offering a capital raise through Snowball Effect, Verry praised the Kiwi-made software company for creating a tool that makes capturing data and decision-making much quicker and easier than it has been in the past. 

With Trev, farmers can access their data quickly and efficiently, pair it with industry sources, and make informed decisions about productivity, profitability, and sustainability. The software began as a tool for the dairy sector, but it is gradually expanding into the red meat sector as well. 

But it's not just local farmers who can benefit from Trev. Verry sees a vast opportunity for the company to expand its market overseas. 

"There's a huge addressable market. There are 33,000 farms in New Zealand and over 1.1 million worldwide. 

"So, we've only just scratched the surface so far."

Trev's appeal isn't just its potential for growth, though. As a software-as-a-service business model, it has experienced strong growth since its inception. 

For those interested in investing in Trev, Verry suggests visiting the He describes it as a platform where investors can get an overview of the company and access detailed information about its operations. 

In addition to the discussion about the rural sector, George and Verry also discussed the upcoming World Cup and the changes made to its format. 

They talked about the implications of expanding the number of teams in the competition and why traditionally strong teams like the West Indies and Ireland are not participating. 

Listen to the full chat between Syndex CEO Ross Verry and Dominic George above.

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