Beyond the fields: Meet the mother, farmer, environmentalist behind 'Tractor Dave' book series

Beyond the fields: Meet the mother, farmer, environmentalist behind 'Tractor Dave' book series

A trained veterinarian, who lives on a dairy farm and has published multiple children's books is not the traditional story of a 'rural Kiwi'. But that is the life of the genius behind the children's book series 'Tractor Dave' Rachel Numan.

The Tractor Dave series is a charming collection of children's books that introduce city kids to rural life. She told REX host Dominic George the being a mother, farmer, veterinarian and so many other aspects of her life helped inspire the idea for the books.

"I started writing them in 2020. I had two little kids at the time that were both absolutely Tractor Mad," she said. 

With three books now published, she gives back to the community by donating a portion of the sales towards charity and environmental initiatives. 

"For the second book, I plant a native tree on our farm for every copy sold.". 

Numan's dedication to the environment extends beyond her farm. She shared her efforts towards native tree planting and improving water quality on her farm, indicating her passion for sustainable practices. 

She also volunteers in environmental and educational initiatives, contributing significantly to her local community. Alongside farming and writing, Numan also has ambitious plans to improve food security. 

"I'm really interested in soil. So the flower farm is a really good way to put a bit of that learning into action," she said, referencing her plans to develop a small flower farm and a big veggie garden. 

Although many people prefer to find one thing they really enjoy and thrive at, Numan told George that the broad range of work and life experiences she encounters every day is something she has grown to love.

"I think I'm figuring out as I get older that variety is sort of what suits me." 

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