From seeds to shelves: Pure oils' 'Good Oil' revolutionising kitchens across New Zealand
Food & Fibre
Food & Fibre

From seeds to shelves: Pure oils' 'Good Oil' revolutionising kitchens across New Zealand

Pure Oils New Zealand is renowned for its 'Good Oil', and has its products displayed on supermarket shelves across New Zealand. 

Managing Director Nick Murney shared how the brand's simplicity, signified by the use of the word 'good' in its branding, has played a crucial role in its success. 

Murney highlighted the process of cold pressing to REX host Dom George which is devoid of heat and chemicals, in the extraction of oil from the seed. 

"It's just an expeller press that...they just squeeze the oil from the seed," he explained. 

He also stressed the importance of handling the seed correctly to ensure efficient extraction. One of the major talking points was also the discussion around the differences between canola and oilseed rape. 

Murney mentioned that oilseed rape is higher in mono-unsaturated oil, making it healthier for human consumption. 

"Our oil is just slightly different. It's higher LAIC, so it lasts, it's better in shelf life, so if it goes in as an ingredient it doesn't oxidise nearly as quickly." 

Murney also shed light on the integral role of the agronomy team in supporting farmers and the growth of the business. He shared that the company's next big project is focusing on soybeans. 

"We think, you know, to bring a new crop in... we thought give it a crack." 

He further revealed that Pure Oils New Zealand exports to Asia, Australia, and the islands, with the domestic market being the main driver of growth.

Listen to the full chat between Nick Murney and Dominic George above.

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