Govt decision to use wool in buildings could 'change the trajectory of wool in nz'

Govt decision to use wool in buildings could 'change the trajectory of wool in nz'

Dom George was joined by the CEO of Bremworth, Greg Smith, to discuss the exciting future of wool in New Zealand following the Government's recent announcement to use wool in buildings. 

He highlighted that while he was thrilled by the news, he expressed concerns about whether the policy specifies the use of New Zealand wool or could pave the way for cheaper wool from other markets. 

Smith is optimistic about the transformative potential of wool in the country, from insulation to acoustic products. 

However, he warned of the dangers of supply exceeding demand and emphasised the need for strategic planning. He discussed the potential impact of the government's initiative on the industry. 

"If this goes, as I think it would, it'll change the trajectory of wool in New Zealand back to where it rightfully should be, which would be so exciting for the industry," Smith said.

The pair also delved into the quality and price of New Zealand wool compared to synthetic alternatives. Smith asserted that New Zealand wool is of the highest quality and that there are misconceptions about its cost. 

"That particular product is actually very comparable to a lot of our and other brands' wool prices, and so you know you don't have to make that choice." 

Smith hoped for a boost in the wool sector following the announcement. He also stressed the importance of holding the government accountable to ensure that New Zealand wool is used. 

Listen to the full chat between Greg Smith and Dominic George above.

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