Marbelous! NZ Alliance Group take crown for World’s Best Grass-Fed Ribeye Steak
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Marbelous! NZ Alliance Group take crown for World’s Best Grass-Fed Ribeye Steak

In a sizzling triumph for New Zealand's Alliance Group, their highly sought-after Pure South Handpicked 55 Day Aged Beef has clinched the prestigious titles of the world's best grass-fed steak and ribeye at the recently concluded World Steak Challenge awards ceremony in London.

The global meat showdown saw entries from all corners of the globe, but Alliance's Pure South Handpicked stole the spotlight, standing out as a cut above the rest. The journey to victory began in the Netherlands at a preliminary World Steak Challenge event in September, where medallists paved their way to the grand 'best of the best' contest in the UK.

Alliance Group NZ winning ribeye steak Alliance Group's Pure South Handpicked ribeye Steak was voted the World's Best Ribeye Steak at the World Steak Challenge // image supplied

Shane Kingston, the General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Alliance Group, hailed the award as a globally recognized accolade, emphasising its significance as the strongest endorsement a product can receive. 

"It is testament to Alliance’s exceptional focus on excellence and the dedication and hard work our farmers put in day in, day out to raise the best grass-fed red meat in the world," he remarked.

The recognition, he added, goes beyond mere acknowledgment of a gold medal win. 

"To now have our steak judged as the best of all the ribeye and grass-fed steak gold medal winners globally is just outstanding. 

"It’s the pinnacle of achievement for an end-to-end beef system and reflects the commitment to the highest standards, at every level, of our farmers, our people, and our processes."

Pure South Handpicked's secret sauce lies in its commitment to delivering consistently superior eating quality outcomes for consumers. 

"The eating quality attributes the product is assessed against during the selection process are what makes this product superior."

Describing the winning ribeye, Kingston highlighted its unprecedented tenderness and milder beef flavour profile. 

"The steak has a robust, zesty, buttery, and creamy flavour that gives it a deeply satisfying savoury presence, along with caramelization of marbling, which builds on the flavour."

The Pure South Handpicked experience is crafted as nature intended, with animals grazing on free-range pastures in New Zealand. Rigorous selection and grading processes, including criteria such as marbling score, fat colour, fat cover, meat colour, and pH, ensure only the finest meat makes the grade. 

Aged in a vacuum bag for up to 55 days, the beef undergoes natural enzymatic processes, enhancing tenderness and developing exquisite flavours.

The winning ribeye, selected at the cooperative’s Pukeuri plant in Oamaru, encapsulates the culmination of a meticulous and dedicated process from pasture to plate.

Alliance Group's Pure South Handpicked 55-Day Aged Beef has not just claimed victory; it has redefined the standards of excellence in the global beef industry. As the savoury news reverberates through the culinary world, one can't help but wonder if this delectable triumph will inspire a new wave of steak enthusiasts to savour the unparalleled taste of New Zealand's best.