Massey University vet students strip down for 'Barely There' calendar

Massey University vet students strip down for 'Barely There' calendar

The tradition of Massey University Veterinary students putting together a wall calendar has made a comeback for 2024. It doesn't feature the normal rural scenery you expect though - this one is all about vet students getting quite a lot of kit off against pastoral backdrops. And for a good cause.

Third-year student from Blenheim Ella Williams told REX host Dominic George that creating the 'Barely There' calendar wasn't as straightforward as you might think.

"Reviving the infamous nudie Calendar for 2024 was not a simple task," she said.


For a dose of laughter, a dash of tasteful cheekiness, and to support a great cause, pre-order the Massey University Vet studies 'Barely There' Calendar here.

With a year’s hiatus due to the pandemic and new rules prohibiting interaction with the animals in the photos, the team had to creatively navigate these challenges to maintain the calendar’s charm. Known for its tastefully cheeky approach, the Calendar marks the halfway point of the veterinary degree. 

Williams confessed that while posing for a "Barely There" calendar might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you sign up for veterinary school, she came around to the idea.

"By the time you're third year, I think my opinion had definitely changed by that point." 

Beyond the fun and camaraderie, the Calendar has a noble cause attached to it with a quarter of each sale going to charity.

"Five dollars of it is for the charity called Whatever with Wiggy, which supports the mental health of farmers and people in rural communities."

The rest of the proceeds fund the students' halfway day celebrations, a two-day event in Taupo featuring activities from skydiving to spa days. One might ask, why involve animals if you can't touch them? 

To this, Williams laughed, "It's quite crazy because we're vet students, that's all we want to be doing - petting the dogs and all that." 

But rules are rules, and the students managed to create some entertaining images without bending them. 

Williams recalled the calendar's production itself being quite an adventure.

"To start with, it was very like I guess everyone was quite nervous… By the end, we were just laughing away, didn't really have a care." 

Veterinary school is tough, and the students are constantly thinking on their feet, solving problems, and being ready for anything. This Calendar is a testament to their creativity, camaraderie, and commitment to their education and community. 

It's a tradition that Williams believes is just part of what makes the vet degree at Massey University so unique. 

Listen to the full chat between Ella Williams and Dominic George above.

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