Nestlé and Fonterra join forces for a greener dairy industry future

Nestlé and Fonterra join forces for a greener dairy industry future

In a significant step towards a more sustainable future, Nestlé New Zealand is celebrating Fonterra's commitment to reducing its Scope 3 emissions by 30% by 2030. Nestlé, a major player in the dairy industry, welcomes this move, seeing it as a positive signal for New Zealand’s dairy sector.

Nestlé’s CEO, Jennifer Chappell, expressed her enthusiasm at this decision.

“This move by Fonterra will encourage even greater action by farmers, researchers, and policymakers in support of a just transition for the dairy industry.”

Nestlé, deeply invested in New Zealand’s dairy market for over a century, stands firmly beside Fonterra in their mission. Chappell highlighted Nestlé’s dedication to supporting farmers in adopting regenerative agriculture practices that help curb emissions. 

“We will continue supporting farmers alongside our partners to develop new economic opportunities and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions."

Fonterra's commitment aligns with Nestlé’s own goals outlined in its Science Based Targets initiative-aligned Net Zero Roadmap. The company is determined to reduce its absolute emissions by 20% by 2025 and 50% by 2030, ultimately reaching net zero by 2050. Ms. Chappell stressed the urgency of addressing climate change, emphasising the importance of collaboration. 

“As dairy is our single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, we must work with dairy farmers and their communities towards our goal while supporting a just transition,” she said.

Projects already underway in collaboration with Fonterra are making strides toward these goals. One notable initiative involves planting a million native plants on marginal land, aiding carbon sequestration. 

Additionally, projects focusing on nutrient management and reducing on-farm greenhouse emissions through sustainable farming practices are gaining momentum. Nestlé is also partnering with other dairy suppliers in New Zealand to extend these initiatives to more farms, spreading the positive impact far and wide.

Nestlé's global roadmap outlines key measures to achieve net emissions reduction. These include caring for grasslands to store more carbon, reducing methane production by animals through dietary changes, and implementing sustainable manure management practices. 

The company’s innovative approach extends to the newly inaugurated Nestlé Institute of Agricultural Sciences, designed to translate cutting-edge agricultural science into practical applications.

Nestlé and Fonterra's collaboration signifies a promising future for New Zealand’s dairy industry. By prioritising sustainable practices, supporting farmers, and driving innovation, these industry giants are leading the charge towards a greener, more environmentally conscious dairy sector.