New scholarship sprouts seeds of innovation in agriculture

New scholarship sprouts seeds of innovation in agriculture

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Craigmore Sustainables, a leading rural investment company, has teamed up with Lincoln University to sow the seeds of innovation in the agricultural landscape. 

The duo has just announced the launch of the Craigmore Sustainables and Wilson Family Sustainability for Primary Industries Scholarship for the year 2024.

This scholarship, a beacon of opportunity for students delving into postgraduate study and research in agriculture, is not your average academic accolade. Beyond the prestige, it comes with a generous $2,000 annual stipend, but the real kicker is the chance for recipients to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with groundbreaking research on one of Craigmore's bustling dairy farms.

The roots of this initiative trace back to 2022 when Craigmore's Farming team clinched the prestigious John Wilson Memorial Trophy at the Fonterra Responsible Dairying Awards. This coveted award, named in honour of the late John Wilson, former Fonterra chairman, came with a sweet cash infusion of $10,000. Rather than squirrelling it away, Craigmore has decided to channel these funds into the new scholarship, sowing the seeds for the next generation of agricultural leaders.

Craigmore Sustainables GM of Farming Stuart Taylor Craigmore Sustainables GM of Farming Stuart Taylor / Image: Supplied

Stuart Taylor, Craigmore's General Manager of Farming, is enthusiastic about the venture, emphasising the need to invest in the future stewards of our land. 

"Our young people are the ones that will farm our land in the future, and they’re also going to be the ones to come up with the innovation and big ideas that will solve some of the challenges the sector is facing around biodiversity loss and climate change," he said.

What makes this scholarship a game-changer is its transformative impact, turning a one-time award into a perpetual commitment to sustainability. 

"The creation of this scholarship transforms the responsible dairying award to a long-term focus for Craigmore as sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 

"The scholarship also acknowledges the legacy of the Wilson Family."

Beyond the monetary support and the opportunity for hands-on research, the scholarship signifies Craigmore's commitment to fostering a lasting relationship with the next wave of industry innovators. Known for adopting cutting-edge technology and techniques at a commercial scale, Craigmore aims to leverage the research outcomes to lift productivity and sustainability across all New Zealand farms.

This isn't Craigmore's first dance with Lincoln University. The Craigmore Sustainables Farming Scholarship, established in 2014, blazed the trail by supporting postgraduate research and study in agriculture. 

Now, with the addition of the Craigmore Sustainables and Wilson Family Scholarship, the company is doubling down on its commitment to cultivating a thriving, sustainable future for New Zealand's primary industries.