OmniEye revolutionises dairy farming with cutting-edge AI to tackle lameness in cows

OmniEye revolutionises dairy farming with cutting-edge AI to tackle lameness in cows

In a groundbreaking move for the dairy industry, OmniEye has unveiled a revolutionary camera-based monitoring system aimed at early detection of lameness in cows. Developed by AI scientists and veterinarians in New Zealand, this state-of-the-art solution, OmniEye Locomotion, is set to transform the way dairy farmers manage herd health.

The system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyse tens of thousands of data points, providing valuable insights into the well-being of each cow. Jamie Mikkelson, Executive Chairman of Waikato Milking Systems, emphasised the proactive nature of this innovation. 

“This early intervention empowers farmers to make informed management decisions, including prompt and effective treatment to prevent costly herd issues," he said.

OmniEye Locomotion utilizes the DairyNZ locomotion scoring system, ranging from 0 (healthy) to 3 (very lame), to assess the locomotion scores of every cow in the herd. These scores, accompanied by supporting videos, are conveniently accessible on a user-friendly online dashboard. Dairy farmers can now monitor their herd's scores daily, allowing for timely intervention and effective management of lameness.

The significance of early detection is echoed by OmniEye CEO Andrew Christie, who noted that the system is already achieving over one million scores on cows per month. The partnership with Waikato Milking Systems is hailed as a substantial leap forward in addressing a critical challenge faced by Kiwi farmers.

“We know the system is world-class. 

"It’s been created in New Zealand by AI scientists and developers to tackle a critical challenge in the dairy industry, as research shows that lameness costs dairy farmers millions of dollars every year," Christie said. 

"We’re excited to kick this off.”

Installation of the system is seamless, facilitated by OmniEye with a small computer device placed on the farm, and connected to a strategically positioned camera at the exit race. Video footage is then streamed to the cloud, where machine learning models detect and score cows using existing EID readers. The online dashboard allows for remote monitoring, ensuring accessibility for farm staff, veterinarians, and stakeholders.

Jamie Mikkelson highlighted the collaborative effort. 

“This partnership between Waikato Milking Systems and OmniEye marks another significant milestone in delivering innovative solutions that improve the welfare and productivity of dairy herds.” 

The system not only addresses lameness but also promises benefits such as reduced recovery time, boosted milk production, enhanced labour efficiency, and cost savings. It also streamlines reproduction processes and minimizes the need for culling.

As the dairy sector continues to embrace data-driven farming, the collaboration between Waikato Milking Systems and OmniEye underscores the pivotal role of OmniEye in helping farmers thrive in an ever-evolving industry. With this cutting-edge technology, dairy farmers can now take proactive measures to ensure the health and productivity of their herds, marking a new era in dairy farming practices.