Sheep to sleep: Lora & Flok's unique wool bedding helping Kiwis catch some Z's
Sheep & Beef
Sheep & Beef

Sheep to sleep: Lora & Flok's unique wool bedding helping Kiwis catch some Z's

Pillows, mattresses and bedding can have a massive impact on sleep quality so making sure you are as comfortable as possible every night is not something to take lightly. While goose and duck down are common fillers, as well as more modern adaptations such as memory foam, one Kiwi business has taken a slightly different approach.

Nicola Wylie is the founder of Lora & Flok, a bedding business that transforms wool from her family farm into premium bedding products. 

Wylie shared the story of Lora & Flok, rooted in her family farm, Lora Valley, which has been in her lineage for 150 years. She explained to REX host Dom George how her connection to the land and the sheep inspired her to establish the business. 

"It was very much brainstorming looking at what was out there, what we could process and do in New Zealand and what we thought people might like, what other people weren't doing, that kind of thing," she said.

The discussion also covered her journey in product development, marketing, and sales. She talked about the challenges of running a business remotely and the strategies she uses to reach customers, including social media and offering a 30-day sleep trial. 

"Obviously we're only online and I know a lot of people like to shop and store, but we offer a 30-day sleep trial." 

George and Wylie delved further into the product range of Lora & Flok. She shared that they currently offer two types of pillows and a duvet, all made from wool sourced from her farm. She also highlighted the unique benefits of wool bedding, such as temperature regulation, comfort, and resilience. 

Wylie also talked about her collaboration with the Southland Organisation, which provided invaluable support in her entrepreneurial journey. She also mentioned future plans for the business, revealing that they have several ideas to expand the product range. 

Listen to the full chat between Nicola Wylie and Dominic George above.

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