Beef + Lamb NZ CEO explores sustainability & challenges in beef and lamb industry
Sheep & Beef
Sheep & Beef

Beef + Lamb NZ CEO explores sustainability & challenges in beef and lamb industry

As 2023 comes to a close, REX host Dom George speaks to Beef & Lamb NZ CEO Sam McIvor about the year that has been.McIvor speaks candidly about the challenges that the industry is currently facing, particularly with the lamb market.

"It is really tough at the moment... pricing on the other side is very, very challenging at the moment," he says, citing the impact of COVID-19 and the increase in competition from Australia as contributing factors. 

However, he expresses optimism for the potential of premium grass-fed products in the long term. Another significant topic of discussion was the subject of beef genetics in New Zealand and the efforts to enhance productivity in the industry. 

"Setting unique objectives for New Zealand and saying how do we take that next leap in productivity in our beef herd?" 

He emphasises the importance of farmer input and unique objectives in driving performance and praises the support provided by Beef + Lamb New Zealand. McIvor also touches on the environmental pressures facing the industry and how they may affect future production. 

McIvor also expresses the importance of a sustainable approach to productivity, citing how the sheep industry has managed to triple the value of its export revenue while reducing its methane emissions by 30% over the past three decades. 

This episode is a captivating exploration of the beef and lamb industry in New Zealand, with the valuable insights offered by Sam McIvor.

Listen to the full chat between Sam McIvor and Dominic George above.

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