Exploring High Peak Station: A journey into farming & NZ's pro hunting industry

Exploring High Peak Station: A journey into farming & NZ's pro hunting industry

High Peak Station not only farms deer but also has a hunting business. It's got Heli-ski, guiding and accommodation, all within the glorious Canterbury High Country.

The business is run by the Guild family, and a key cog in the wheel is Simon Guild who joins REX host Dom George providing a detailed account of his family's adventure in acquiring the station in 1973 and its evolution into a successful farming and hunting business. 

The conversation sheds light on the transformation of High Peak Station from a farming family's venture into one of New Zealand's elite professional hunting operations. Guild delves into the intricacies of the professional hunting industry in New Zealand. 

He explains how the industry is self-regulated, and it is up to the professionals within the industry to set the standards and best practices. 

"If you talk to the key proponents, in the international hunting industry who operate out of the likes of the US and hunt all around the world, you will find that New Zealand is held in really high regard across the board for our ethics and the way we conduct our safety operations and just our general hunting ethos," Guild says.

He also discusses the inherent risks involved in hunting in New Zealand's rugged terrain and how they implement strict measures to ensure safety and maintain a good global reputation. 

The conversation provides a glimpse into the experiences offered to clients on hunting trips. Guild reveals that the majority of their clients are from overseas, particularly from countries with a strong hunting ethos such as the US and Canada. 

He also mentions the significant economic contribution of these international clients to New Zealand's economy. SImon's own journey from the corporate marketing world back to his roots in the family business is another highlight of the discussion. 

"I got fed a disillusion with the corporate world as a result of [the global financial crisis] and had the opportunity to come back here and get stuck into what was the beginnings of a tourism business," he shares. 

Overall, the podcast episode provides an enlightening exploration into the world of professional hunting in New Zealand and the evolution of High Peak Station from a farming family's venture into an elite hunting operation.

Listen to the full chat between Simon Guild and Dominic George above.

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