'Our job is far from done' - Meat The Need GM stresses importance of upcoming event
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'Our job is far from done' - Meat The Need GM stresses importance of upcoming event

The 'Big Feed' is a telethon-like event coming up on Thursday, December 14, organised by 'Meat The Need' to raise mince and milk-based meals for families in need across Aotearoa.

General Manager Zellara Holden joins REX host Dom George to discuss the enormous collaborative effort behind the event, mentioning the host line-up of Dave Letele, Matt Chisholm, Wayne Langford, and Siobhan O'Malley, and the broad network of supporters who make the mission feasible. 

She reflects on the charity's impressive achievements, including the distribution of 4 million meals to more than 110 food banks across the country. 

"We're three years in and we're making a huge impact... but look, it's continuing to grow," Holden says.

"The need is there. We need to feed more food banks... The planned demand has increased massively, so our job is far from done." 

The conversation then delves into the stark realities of hunger within New Zealand communities, highlighting the significant role played by farmers, hunting groups, and citizens in making a tangible difference. 

It explores the outpouring of support from businesses and individuals and encourages listeners to join the cause to ensure everyone has access to nutritious food. 

The episode emphasises the importance of tackling hunger in New Zealand, providing an inside look at the operations of a charity with a mission to eradicate hunger. 

The 'Big Feed' event, organized by 'Meet the Need,' demonstrates the collective effort required to address such a significant issue, while simultaneously emphasizing the impact such an initiative can have on a national scale. 

Listen to the full chat between Zellara Holden and Dominic George above.

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