The inside scoop on a successful oat milk venture
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The inside scoop on a successful oat milk venture

All Good NZ is a leading oat milk company based in New Zealand that has seen significant success both locally and around the globe since its inception.

General Manager Faye MacGregor shares an insider's look into their successful fundraising campaign, which has surpassed the 500k mark and is aimed at supporting the company's international expansion into Asia and the Middle East. 

She tells REX host Dom George about the company's journey in raising funds for global expansion, emphasising their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 

"We've gone over the 500k mark, which is a really great start, and there's still time left on the clock, but yeah, we're feeling really positive about it," Faye says. 

The company aims to produce New Zealand-made oat milk using locally sourced oats, building on its past success with fair trade bananas. MacGregor highlights their company's innovative efforts in the plant-based food industry. With an established global distribution network of 2300 points and dual production sites, they're balancing domestic and export markets. 

MacGregor reveals their goal of creating "products that do good, that are scalable and that kind of meet consumers' needs for wanting to eat delicious plant-based products." 

She also addresses the company's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, specifically through carbon offsetting. They have partnered with ECOS since 2019 to gain zero carbon freight certification, meaning that all the carbon created during the journey to New Zealand is offset. 

"Sustainability is really kind of part of our DNA at All Good and we're always striving to do the best that we can," she affirms. 

MacGregor shares her optimism for the company's future, looking forward to the production of New Zealand-made oat milk and their ongoing innovation in plant-based products.

The episode concludes with MacGregor extending her best wishes for the upcoming festive season, a testament to the company's commitment to their consumers. 

In all, the podcast offers an insightful look into the journey of a successful oat milk company, its sustainable practices, and its innovative contributions to the plant-based food industry.

Listen to the full chat between Faye MacGregor and Dominic George above.

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