World-class shearer has additional records in sights
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Sheep & Beef

World-class shearer has additional records in sights

Sacha Bond is a world-class shearer who shattered the eight-hour lamb shearing record by 91 sheep in February earlier this year.

Recently returning from across the ditch, Bond joined REX host Dom George to discuss her journey from her humble beginnings at the age of 18 to her current pursuit of breaking two more world records.

She shares that the financial aspect of her dreams has been supported by sponsorships from various businesses and fundraisers. 

"I've been lucky enough to have a great group of businesses back me and put in sponsorship to fund my dreams," she says. 

Bond is preparing to break the nine-hour solo women's lamb shearing record and the ewe record in the coming months. Bond also reveals the mental and physical demands of the sport. She emphasises the importance of a strict training and nutrition regimen, and how the industry has shifted towards a more professional approach, with athletes prioritising their health and fitness. 

"The shearing industry has changed massively since I first started in it," she remarks, noting that more and more shearers are focusing on their health and fitness. 

Discussing her upcoming world record attempts, Bond displays her determination and love for competitive shearing. Her passion is palpable as she shares her preparations for the events.

Overall, this episode presents an engaging look into the world of competitive shearing through the eyes of a record-breaking athlete. Bond's story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and the pursuit of dreams.

Listen to the full chat between Sacha Bond and Dominic George above.

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