Beef + Lamb New Zealand teams up with New Zealand Olympians for Paris 2024

Beef + Lamb New Zealand teams up with New Zealand Olympians for Paris 2024

The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) has officially joined forces with Beef + Lamb New Zealand, marking a significant stride in support for the nation's athletes. This strategic collaboration not only reinforces existing support for iconic figures like the Iron Maidens but also extends a robust backing to the entire New Zealand Team as they prepare to shine at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Expressing her enthusiasm, NZOC Chief Executive Nicki Nicol emphasised the seamless fit of the partnership, stating, "Beef + Lamb New Zealand's ongoing support of our celebrated athletes is a testament to their commitment to sport and excellence in New Zealand. We're thrilled to have them join our family of partners."

Beef + Lamb New Zealand CEO Kit Arkwright echoed this sentiment, drawing parallels between the dedication of their farmers and the consistent stellar performances of the New Zealand Team. 

"The Olympic Games are a pinnacle of national pride. Much like our dedicated farmers, the New Zealand Team consistently delivers outstanding performances. We're excited to support them as they prepare to make their mark in Paris," she said.

This partnership is more than a corporate alliance; it's a bridge between rural communities and the Olympic spirit. Arkwright highlighted the deep respect and support from farmers towards past Iron Maidens, calling upon them to rally behind the Fern this year. 

"Our farmers and all food producers play a crucial role in fueling our athletes, and we hope they take pride in the quality produce that powers New Zealand's success on the global stage. They are feeding the Fern."

Olympic Rugby Sevens player and Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ambassador Stacey Waaka expressed her excitement about the collaboration, emphasising the alignment of values between the two worlds. 

"As both an athlete and an ambassador for Beef + Lamb New Zealand, I am thrilled to see these two worlds align," Waaka explained.

"The values of commitment, excellence, and community that run deep in both the Olympic Games and the agricultural heritage represented by Beef + Lamb New Zealand resonate strongly with me. This partnership signifies a powerful union that will undoubtedly inspire and fuel our journey towards success in Paris 2024."

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, the collaboration between Beef + Lamb New Zealand and the New Zealand Team is poised to celebrate shared values, uniting agricultural heritage and sporting excellence. This powerful alliance aims to pave the way for success at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, embodying a collective spirit that transcends corporate partnership and truly champions the essence of New Zealand's identity on the global stage.