DINZ CEO Innes Moffat bids farewell after 18 years of leadership

DINZ CEO Innes Moffat bids farewell after 18 years of leadership

In a significant development, Innes Moffat, Chief Executive Officer of Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ), has announced his resignation after an illustrious 18-year tenure, four of which were spent at the helm as CEO. 

Set to depart in early March 2024, Moffat leaves behind a legacy of transformation and industry growth.

Under Moffat's leadership, DINZ underwent a remarkable evolution, marked by substantial changes and developments. The culmination of these efforts occurred last year when DINZ successfully refined its industry-led priorities and streamlined its processes. Simultaneously, there was a recalibration of the organisation's team. Now, with the completion of DINZ's transformation, Moffat has decided to step aside, making room for a new CEO and redirecting his focus toward new career opportunities.

Moffat expressed gratitude for all the years he has spent at DINZ.

"It's been a privilege and a pleasure to serve as DINZ’s CEO and lead such a dedicated and hard-working team," he says.

"DINZ has been a massive part of my professional life for nearly two decades - I wish my colleagues, the Board, and all the amazing people I've met in this industry all the very best for their future endeavours."

Speaking to REX producer Jo Grigg, Moffat says he doesn't have many specific future plans but is happy to say that over the 18 years, he has been lucky enough to work right across the whole industry, from genetics to consumer marketing all across New Zealand and as far afield as Russia, China, and Scandinavia.  

"I have made many good friends and I look forward to keeping a close eye on them and deer farming as it continues to provide a valuable contribution to New Zealand’s economy."

Mandy Bell, Board Chair of DINZ, acknowledged Moffat's extensive contribution to the deer industry and thanked him for his loyal service. Despite the transition, DINZ remains steadfast in its commitment to leading industry change and securing better access for deer products in international markets. Bell emphasized that the Board and Executive team are fully dedicated to continuing this important work.

"DINZ remains focused on leading industry change and securing better access for deer products in international markets, and that work continues with the full attention of the DINZ Board and Executive," Bell says. 

"We appreciate everything Innes has done leading our sector through a time of real change. His unwavering support and service to DINZ have had a significant impact on many, and we respect his decision to leave after an impressive 18 years with the deer industry."

As part of his farewell, Moffat will be attending various industry events over the next six weeks, providing an opportunity for colleagues and industry partners to bid him a personal farewell. 

The announcement marks the end of an era at DINZ, with Moffat's departure leaving a void that the organization is now poised to fill with fresh leadership as it continues its journey towards further growth and success.