Chasing New Zealand's unseen wilderness with 'The Weekend Mish' boys

Chasing New Zealand's unseen wilderness with 'The Weekend Mish' boys

Gabe Ross and Riley Meason are the dynamic duo behind The Weekend Mish, a social channel the pair started to document their adventures exploring the wildest corners of Aotearoa.

As outdoor enthusiasts and avid hunters, they offer an engaging discussion on their hunting experiences in New Zealand, their commitment to conservation, and the relationship between hunting and sustainability. 

The conversation kicks off by delving into Gabe and Riley's origin stories, how they ventured into the world of hunting, and the subsequent evolution of their brand, The Weekend Mish. 

They discuss the misconceptions surrounding hunting and its connection to conservation.

"The harsh reality is you do have to kill things to maintain a healthy population. But that is the reality of it and that's kind of a message that we do push," Ross says.

The conversation transitions to their thrilling experience on a survival show, where they emerged victorious against all odds. The win, they admit, came as a surprise and provided a welcome financial boost, "it was quite a nice feeling as a 19-year-old getting a bit of cash," Meason reflects. 

They also recount their unguided hunting trip to Idaho, chasing Elk and Mule Deer, emphasising their love for the challenge and commitment to unguided hunts. Looking to the future, Gabe and Riley share their hunting aspirations, with Meason yearning for a "massive 40-inch 14-point ridge stag," while Ross sets his sights on a "public land unguided Mule Deer buck in the US." 

They also discuss the recent surge in hunting's popularity and their upcoming hunting plans, which include a novel approach they term 'hunting herring,' combining hunting with mountaineering. In a brief interlude, the focus shifts to marketing and entrepreneurship as Ross discusses his academic pursuits. 

Despite the light-hearted jests he receives, he's poised to graduate soon. Meason provides a contrast with his hands-on work in Wanaka, operating heavy machinery. 

As the conversation wraps up, they invite listeners to follow their continued adventures across various social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

With a blend of the wild outdoors and entrepreneurial spirit, Gabe Ross and Riley Meason encapsulate the essence of modern hunters who balance their passion for adventure with a keen sense of environmental stewardship.

Listen to the full chat between Gabe Ross, Riley Meason and Dominic George above.

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