Fine Wool Supreme Fleece Judge optimistic about industry direction

Fine Wool Supreme Fleece Judge optimistic about industry direction

Live at the Wanaka A&P Show, Dom George catches up with Craig Smith, a board member of the Upper Clutha A&P Society, who shares his insights and the sense of community showcasing the interweaving of rural and urban life. 

One of the key talking points is the celebration of the wool industry's vital role in the local economy. Smith, also associated with Devold, talks about the successful fleece competition at the show. 

"Sitting here in the president's tent, all the comments I get from the farmers and the older generation... I've never seen a lineup like that ever." 

The remarkable turnout and the quality of entries indicate the industry's significant contribution and potential for growth despite its small share in the global fibre market. Smith touches on the challenges and opportunities facing wool, highlighting the need for better storytelling and market positioning. 

"We've got to tell a story and the story's all about it... Be proud of what we do. Don't be embarrassed to say I'm a wool grower of New Zealand and that's the coolest thing around." 

The discussion points towards a pressing need for education and coordinated messaging to dispel misconceptions about wool production, emphasising wool's sustainability credentials. 

The official collaboration between Wool Impact and Campaign for Wool NZ (CFWNZ)  stands out as a beacon of collective effort where industry leaders are uniting to support the market and strategise for the future. 

Smith underscores the campaign's positive direction and the impending need for funding reassessment, projecting a wave of optimism for the wool sector. 

He echoes a message of perseverance to wool growers, urging them to maintain high standards in wool preparation, "Prepare your wool well and we will get there." 

Listen to the full chat between Craig Smith and Dominic George above.

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