How Scott Kunac turned a 'shoebox' into a thriving Hunting & Fishing store

How Scott Kunac turned a 'shoebox' into a thriving Hunting & Fishing store

As the roar season gets underway, Dunedin Hunting & Fishing owner Scott Kunac joins Dom George to talk about his rise from a modest local sports shop employee to an international figure in the hunting industry. 

His story begins with a pivotal decision to leave school at year 12 to pursue his passion. 

His dedication led him to work for Holland & Holland in England, where he rubbed shoulders with celebrities and royalty. Recalling his time abroad, Kunac shares an anecdote about his extraordinary experience handling firearms for high-profile clients, including picking up a rifle from Kensington Palace for Prince Charles. 

"I got the job of hopping in a black cab and going down and picking up his rifle, which was quite an experience." 

Returning to New Zealand, Kunac continued to nurture his passion for the outdoors, building a strong connection with the Otago community. His commitment to customer service and understanding of the hunter's needs contributed to the growth of his retail store. The store, once a "shoebox," is now a vast space showcasing an array of products and an impressive collection of animal trophies. 

The conversation also touches on the post-pandemic surge in hunting and fishing interest, as people increasingly seek to procure their own food. 

"Covid certainly helped out... People sort of couldn't go away and do things, so they stayed home and went hunting and fishing and camping. It was pretty good." 

A highlight of the conversation is the discussion of a groundbreaking electronic roaring horn, which has revolutionised the hunting experience. This device, Kunac explains, allows hunters to mimic animal calls with precision, aiding in their pursuit. 

He emphasises the gadget's importance for those less confident in their calling abilities.

"A lot of guys don't sound very good at all and if they're not confident, this is the greatest thing you could have." 

As a token of appreciation for the community's support, Kunac announces a giveaway of the electronic roaring horn to lucky listeners, ensuring that the passion for hunting is shared and accessible. 

Through his narrative, Scott Kunac not only shares his personal and professional evolution but also highlights the broader evolution of hunting, from traditional practices to high-tech advancements, underlining his legacy in the world of hunting gear.

Listen to the full chat between Scott Kunac and Dominic George above.

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