The harmonious blend of music + winemaking at Framingham's Harvest Festival

The harmonious blend of music + winemaking at Framingham's Harvest Festival

The annual Framingham Harvest Concert is coming up this Friday, March 8 and is a chance for international vineyard workers and locals to celebrate the harvest in Marlborough by partying in the winery courtyard.

The head winemaker at Framingham, Andrew Brown, reveals the origins of the event, which stemmed from the company's desire to merge their love for music with the winemaking tradition. 

Brown details how the festival is a welcome celebration for international interns and a community gathering before the intense harvest season begins. 

The lineup for the festival includes local and domestic bands, and Brown himself participates with his band, which has strong ties to the wine industry. He emphasises the importance of reciprocating hospitality to international interns, reflecting on his own experiences abroad, 

"I'll always remember the hospitality that was shown towards me," he says.

Brown speaks to the unique identity of Framingham Wines, touching on their "Nobody's Hero" line which celebrates individuality and the winery's bold spirit. 

As Brown puts it, it's all about "remaining individual with those wines and that's kind of where we see ourselves in that space of marketing ourselves in the wine industry." 

The conversation shifts to the significance of Riesling at Framingham, set in a region known predominantly for Sauvignon Blanc. The winery's history and its longstanding Riesling vines, dating back to 1981, have carved out a distinct reputation for Framingham. This part of the discussion also brings to light the importance of fun and culture in winemaking, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on annual events and the creative process behind the winery's unique concert posters. 

The conversation poignantly concludes with a tribute to Bridget Glackin, the former marketing manager at Framingham, whose memory is honoured in the upcoming Harvest Concert. Brown expresses deep respect for Glackin, stating, "She's really the heart and soul behind the marketing of Framingham and this event itself." 

The festival stands as a testament to her legacy, bringing together friends, family, and music lovers in a celebration of joy and music, emblematic of the resilience and adaptability of the Marlborough region amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

Listen to the full chat between Andrew Brown and Dominic George above.

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