Laura Koot Reveals NZ's 'Best Ambassador', Balancing Family With Work + More

Laura Koot Reveals NZ's 'Best Ambassador', Balancing Family With Work + More

Fairlight Foundation Executive Director Laura Koot is a woman with many strings to her well-used bow, balancing motherhood with her love for rural adventures and automotive enthusiasm. 

Koot shares captivating tales from her life in Southland, New Zealand, where she's been cracking whips with rugby icon Richie McCaw and inspiring local Girl Guides on her farm. 

"So the video will air, hopefully, next month," she explains, referring to a promotional video with All Black legend Richie McCaw and American YouTube group 'Dude Perfect'.

"It was a collaboration with Dude Perfect...and we were doing a promotional video...and they basically asked if I could go along to shoot shit and crack whips and of course I said yes." 

Koot speaks fondly of her experience with the former All Black Captain.

"He is everything that you think and more. He is New Zealand's best ambassador, in my opinion." 

Koot's encounter underscores her role in promoting New Zealand's rural charm and the everyday moments that highlight community icons. 

Shifting gears, Koot delves into her role as an ambassador for the GWD Toyota Roadshow, where she gets to test drive innovative vehicles like the latest hybrid Hilux and the all-electric bZ4X SUV. Her passion isn't merely for the thrill of driving but also for bringing advanced automotive technology to the Southland community, making it accessible and exciting for locals. 

"They're bringing the trucks to the Southland people," she explains, showcasing her dedication to rural development and technology integration. Moreover, Koot discusses her involvement with the Whakatipu Youth Trust, describing the workshops aimed at building confidence and practical skills among young people. 

She details the first workshop, which focused on animal care, and teases the upcoming one centred on vehicles and machinery. 

"So we're going to be changing tyres, we're going to be checking oil...building a bit of confidence with machinery," Koot says, emphasising the importance of these life skills. 

Even amidst the backdrop of motherhood and maternity leave, Koot's drive and commitment to her community and various ventures shine through. 

She touches on the progress of the Fairlight interns, noting, "They are working their butts off...They are thriving," revealing the positive impact of her initiatives on the next generation. 

Koot's humour surfaces as she admits the improbability of her taking a traditional maternity leave, highlighting her unstoppable energy and dedication to her diverse roles. 

Listen to the full chat between Laura Koot and Dominic George above.

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