Uncorking the Future: Inside new WinePro Event with Gary Fitz-Roy
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Uncorking the Future: Inside new WinePro Event with Gary Fitz-Roy

Wine Industry professionals, vineyard owners, managers and workers are all invited to what is being hailed as the most extensive showcase of equipment and supplies for the wine industry.

The inaugural Wine Pro event will be held at the end of June at the Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 in Blenheim and has been organised by Gary Fitz-Roy who joins Dom George to talk about the new event, its conception, what to expect and more.

"It is truly going to be a national international event in New Zealand and I think New Zealand deserve it," he says, outlining the vision for WinePro.

The event, inspired by Australia's esteemed Wine Tech, is described as an extensive showcase dedicated solely to the wine industry. With over 70 suppliers, the event is praised for its immersive experience, offering indoor and outdoor exhibits and a conference program revolving around themes of elevation, innovation, and celebration. 

Fitz-Roy emphasises the importance of efficiency and industry leadership.

"Our biggest enemy today is time...if you can spend time with an event that's dedicated to your needs, that is more efficient." 

The conversation touches on the revolutionary approach to event programming, aiming to shift the paradigm with a speaker lineup covering futuristic topics. In partnership with Marlborough Wine, Wine Pro will also feature interactive tasting sessions, including trending low or no-alcohol wines. 

In discussing the educational aspect of the event, Fitz-Roy promises a refreshing change from conventional programming.

"We should be resetting a benchmark and seeing how we go forward." 

The organisers aim to push the boundaries and tackle subjects that are current and future-relevant, which is evident in their decision to collaborate with Marlborough Wine for daily tasting sessions as an educational component of the program. 

His excitement is palpable as he talks about the unique aspects of Wine Pro, such as the conference program's cost-effectiveness and the networking opportunities it provides. 

Fitz-Roy highlights the importance of the industry's input in shaping the event's content, ensuring it remains topical and engaging.

"I think it's going to be a big legacy for the wine industry." 

The conversation offers a comprehensive preview of what promises to be a benchmark-setting event for the wine industry in Marlborough, blending tradition with forward-thinking innovation.

Listen to the full chat between Gary Fitz-Roy and Dominic George above.

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