2024 Outstanding Food Producer 'Paddock' Co-Winners Recount Journey to Success
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Food & Fibre

2024 Outstanding Food Producer 'Paddock' Co-Winners Recount Journey to Success

New Zealand's finest food producers were recognised on Thursday night where Nicky and Jamie Gaddum from Matangi Angus Beef were joint champions of the Oustanding Food Producer 'Paddock' Award.

The couple delves into the story behind their success, which earned them recognition at last night's Awards ceremony. Their beef bavette, praised for its flavour and marbling, won the Paddock section, placing them alongside New Zealand's finest, such as the acclaimed Pure South handpicked ribeye. 

The Gaddum's express their pride in their farming practices and their commitment to producing top-tier grass-fed Angus beef through meticulous breeding and animal management. 

Nicky articulates this sentiment, saying, "So to actually have, first of all, six gold medals recognised in the outstanding food producer awards this year and then [to] co-win the paddock section last night for our beef bavette was just the icing on the cake and that real recognition that we're doing something right and keep going and that we've got a product that people love." 

They recount the evolution of their business, emphasising the trials and adjustments they've made to perfect their practices. From refining their butchering techniques to finding the optimal duration for hanging meat, the couple has worked tirelessly to achieve what Jamie describes as "really good consistency in our product," which is validated by the positive feedback from chefs and clients. 

A significant milestone for the Gaddums is the opening of a new processing facility and retail butchery area in Hastings, signifying their optimism for future growth.

The diversity at the awards is also touched upon, with a vegan bonbon being crowned as the Supreme Champion, reflecting the wide array of exceptional products being produced in the country. 

The conversation encapsulates the dedication and joy that comes from creating a successful food business, and the pride Nicky and Jamie feel in their work is palpable. 

As they continue to strive for excellence, their story stands as a testament to the notion that with hard work and attention to detail, even the humblest beginnings can lead to savouring the taste of success.

Listen to the full chat between Nicky + Jamie Gaddum and Dominic George above.

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