Blending nature + business with hunter Joel Dickson

Blending nature + business with hunter Joel Dickson

The hunting season is well underway and Game Gear founder Joel Dickson is someone who is particularly enthused by this.

He explains that Game Gear was born from New Zealand's picturesque wilderness, and has evolved into a premium outdoor apparel brand, catering to both hunters and farmers. 

Dickson reminisces about the Easter hunting tradition and describes the joy of horseback hunting. 

"You're essentially not in full control of what's going on when you involve a horse," he explains, revealing the unique challenges and thrills it adds to the experience. 

The conversation takes a turn into the technical aspects of pig hunting, with Dickson outlining the crucial roles of bailing and holding dogs. He emphasises the importance of GPS technology for safety and control.

"If you're passionate about your dogs and they're doing a good job for you, you really want to know where they are at all times." 

This technology is not just a tool but a lifeline in the wild. Dickson's dedication to his business is evident when discussing the integrity behind Game Gear's product line. He stresses the hands-on approach to design and production, ensuring customer satisfaction with high-quality, rigorously tested products. 

"We've got some integrity in the product... we design it ourselves," Dickson states, showcasing his commitment to excellence. 

Dickson also touches on his venture into woollen clothing in 2009. Despite the noble intent to support Kiwi farmers, he admits the challenges in making wool profitable and the market's tepid response. 

"The business case for wool is where it falls over," he concedes, shedding light on the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs even when they have a compelling product and a strong marketing team. 

Dickson's story is one of grit, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to his craft, offering inspiration to those looking to turn their own passions into viable enterprises.

Listen to the full chat between Joel Dickson and Dominic George above.

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