Fonterra scoops up top honours at NZ Cheese Awards

Fonterra scoops up top honours at NZ Cheese Awards

Fonterra, the powerhouse in New Zealand's dairy industry, is once again basking in the glow of success after clinching an impressive array of awards at this year’s New Zealand Cheese Awards. 

Fonterra proudly showcases its prowess with a staggering total of 52 awards, reaffirming its status as a dominant force in the world of cheese.

Among these accolades, Fonterra's premium Kāpiti range steals the spotlight with an impressive tally of 21 awards. One standout is the Kāpiti Kikorangi Triple Cream Blue, which clinched gold in the Blue Cheese category for the fourth time in five years, solidifying its reputation as New Zealand's most-awarded cheese.

Adding to the triumph, Fonterra's Mainland brand secured gold for its innovative Special Reserve Chilli and Garlic Brie, a recent addition to its offerings. Renée Milkop Kerr, Marketing and Innovation Director for Fonterra Brands New Zealand, jubilantly remarks, “These wins cement Fonterra’s position as the leading player in cheesemaking in New Zealand.”

The heart of Fonterra’s cheese excellence lies in its Eltham site in Taranaki, where both the Kāpiti and Mainland specialty cheese ranges are meticulously crafted. With a legacy spanning over a century, this site continues to produce high-quality cheeses sourced from the finest local dairy farmers' milk.

But Fonterra's success doesn't stop there. Other Fonterra sites, including Lichfield, Hautapu, Stirling, and Whareroa, also clinched prestigious awards for their cheese offerings, further underscoring the Co-op’s commitment to excellence across its operations.

Amidst the celebration, Cathy Lang from the Eltham site emerges as a shining star, earning a nomination for the coveted 2024 Champion Cheesemaker Award. 

Having previously claimed this prestigious title in 2022, Lang expresses her delight.

“Our team puts in a lot of work to create our beloved Kāpiti cheese range, it’s fantastic to see that be acknowledged by the judges.”

The judging panel, comprising 30 discerning experts led by Master Judge Jason Tarrant, meticulously assessed over 270 cheeses. Now in its 21st year, the New Zealand Cheese Awards honour and celebrate the finest cheeses the country has to offer.

Fonterra's triumph at this year's awards not only showcases its commitment to quality and innovation but also underscores its pivotal role in shaping New Zealand's esteemed dairy landscape. 

Full list of awards available below:


  • Kāpiti Kahurangi Creamy Blue 

  • Kāpiti Kikorangi Triple Cream Blue x2 

  • Kāpiti Kānuka Creamy Havarti x2 

  • Kāpiti Artisan Tomme 

  • Kāpiti Te Tihi Premium Aged Cheddar 

  • Kāpiti Pakari Aged Cheddar 

  • Kāpiti Pakari Blackcurrant Cheddar 

  • Kāpiti Ramara 

  • Mainland Special Reserve Chilli & Garlic Brie x2 

  • NZMP Epicure 

  • NZMP Tasty Cheddar 

  • NZMP Organic Cheddar 

  • NZMP Special Reserve Cheddar 

  • NZMP Vintage Cheddar 

  • Anchor EasyMix Cream Cheese 

  • Anchor Traditional Cream Cheese 1kg 

  • NZMP Traditional Cream Cheese 


  • Kāpiti Kānuka Smoked Havarti x2 

  • Kāpiti Awa Tangy Blue 

  • Kāpiti Kakato Gouda 

  • Kāpiti Kirīmi Chilli & Garlic 

  • Kāpiti Artisan Ash Rind White 

  • Mainland Tasty Cheddar 

  • NZMP Mild Cheddar 

  • NZMP Edam 

  • NZMP Brine Salt Gouda 

  • NZMP Parmesan 

  • NZMP Tasty Lite 

  • NZMP High Solids Cream Cheese 

  • Anchor Traditional Cream Cheese 5kg 


  • Kāpiti Artisan Bridge St Blue 

  • Kāpiti Kīrimi Herb & Garlic 

  • Mainland Special Reserve Smoked Cheddar 

  • Kāpiti Kahikatea Camembert  

  • Kāpiti Akatea Brie 

  • Kāpiti Kohatea Extra Creamy Brie 

  • Mainland Special Reserve Double Cream Camembert 

  • NZMP Colby 

  • NZMP Mozzarella