The Four Saucemen's Journey from Backyard BBQ To Condiment Kingdom
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The Four Saucemen's Journey from Backyard BBQ To Condiment Kingdom

Adam Winter is a founding member of The Four Saucemen, a Kiwi barbecue product company that was established in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland when four friends came together with a common interest in BBQ.

Winter shares the story of their transformation from casual grillers to creators of a successful barbecue empire. One of the highlights includes the origin of their catchy name, conceived during a casual gathering. 

"We were sitting around having a few beers... and one of the boys on the team, Brendan, he came up with the name. He's a bit of a wordsmith," he recalls. 

The discussion reveals the Four Saucemen's grassroots beginnings and their ascent to popularity, which began after a triumphant entry at Meatstock, their first competition in 2017. They quickly realised that their homemade rubs and sauces were in demand. 

Winter explains the moment their hobby turned into a business venture. 

"We made 500 little 100-gram pouches for the Auckland Home Show and they sold the whole 500 over the weekend. On Monday [we] ordered 2,000." 

This unexpected success led them to outsource production, shifting from a home-based setup to a more streamlined operation. Winter emphasises the adaptability of their business, which now focuses on distribution while preserving their original ideas and flavours. 

An intriguing part of their story is how the Four Saucemen customised American barbecue styles to suit the New Zealand palate. Winter notes that New Zealanders prefer "less sugar" and a "fresher, crisper taste," setting them apart from the American approach.

He proudly claims, "I think we're actually better with flavour," showcasing the Kiwi ingenuity in redefining barbecue. 

The conversation also touches on a current REX giveaway, with a prize pack featuring the Four Saucemen's flavours and a digital instant-read thermometer. 

Winter advocates for this tool, saying, "You'll never overcook chicken again. You'll never offend the in-laws again with your cooking. This thing is gold." 

The conversation delves into the entrepreneurial spirit of the Four Saucemen, their journey to infusing Kiwi flair into barbecue, and their commitment to quality and innovation. It's a story that not only chronicles their success but also serves as an inspiration for turning a passion into a thriving business.

Listen to the full chat between Adam Winter and Dominic George above.

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