Wool Impact CEO Stresses Need to Elevate International Profile of Strong Wool

Wool Impact CEO Stresses Need to Elevate International Profile of Strong Wool

The International Wool Textile Organisation Conference started on Monday in Adelaide and runs through until Thursday 18 April, with many of those who make the industry thrive gathering together to share ideas and discuss the future of wool.

Andy Caughey, the Chief Executive of Wool Impact, engages in a significant discussion at the International Wool Textile Organisation Conference, where he advocates for the underappreciated strong wool sector of New Zealand. 

Caughey's presence, alongside a thirty-member delegation from New Zealand, aims to reshape the global narrative around wool, emphasising sustainability and innovation to realign the industry's future. 

A crucial talking point in the conversation is the rebranding and potential of New Zealand's strong wool, which accounts for two-thirds of the world's non-apparel wool trade. Caughey stresses the importance of this sector and the need to elevate its profile on the international stage. 

"We've got 100,000 tonnes and what we want to do is elevate the profile of New Zealand's strong wool." 

The delegation includes various stakeholders from the value chain, such as farmers, exporters, and domestic manufacturers, highlighting their efforts to bring innovation to the sector and create products that meet consumer needs. Another key aspect of the conversation revolves around the demand creation for strong wool through effective branding and storytelling. 

Caughey underscores the importance of communicating the holistic story of New Zealand wool and its environmental credentials. He argues that strong wool can meet the demands for lower carbon footprint products and provide a cleaner, safer, and healthier option for interior textiles. 

"We have to build demand through brands," he says, suggesting that the wool industry needs to connect the unique properties of strong wool with the values of modern consumers. 

The conversation also touches upon the strategic alliance between Wool Impact and Campaign for Wool New Zealand, reflecting a collaborative effort to increase value and demand for strong wool. 

"This is part of our strong wool sector working together, building alignment so that we're all seeking the same goals." 

This unity aims to accelerate common goals and support areas of expertise, such as consumer engagement, which is Campaign for Wool's strength.

The conversation with Andy Caughey illuminates the challenges and opportunities for New Zealand's strong wool sector in an evolving market that increasingly values environmental and health benefits.

Listen to the full chat between Andy Caughey and Dominic George above.

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