Rural Market 'up by a third' -  Property Brokers GM of Rural Conrad Wilkshire

Rural Market 'up by a third' - Property Brokers GM of Rural Conrad Wilkshire

This article was produced by Today FM in association with Property Brokers.

This weekend on REX, Hamish and Rebecca were keen to take a look at what’s happening with the rural real estate market, so they went to the man with all the insights, the General Manager of Rural at Property Brokers, Conrad Wilkshire.

With another edition of the 'Rural Outlook' mailer hitting mailboxes this week, Wilkshire said he’s pleased with the output amid the current market headwinds.

"They’ve just come in off the printer, and there are over 72 great listings from the far north to the deep south of the country that will be posted in the week, "

On the topic of the market, Wlshire said it's on the up, but local Property Brokers' teams across the country know not to always rely on the numbers.

"To put it in headline terms, It's up by a third. But we know there's a false flaw in quoting stats, so that’s why have zeroed in and highlighted our local teams on the ground across the regions to tell us how it is. There are some dairy properties across the land that haven't sold but actually represent really good value."

And after recently visiting Brisbane for the Zanda McDonald Award, Conrad was reminded of the ongoing comradery and friendship between farmers across the ditch.

"It’s a tremendous Trans-Tasman agribusiness award that is well recognized across the two nations… And there’s just something about the banter between Kiwi and Aussie Farmers! it made for a spectacular week."

Listen to the full interview with Property Brokers Corad Wilshire above.