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Nothing is as challenging, complicated, interesting or fulfilling as real life. 

Radio legend Polly Gillespie hosts our nightly exploration of the trials and tribulations, secrets and successes of real kiwis.


Polly Gillespie explains her show.
As your day wraps up join Polly Gillespie for an exploration of the trials, tribulations, secrets & successes of real Kiwis.
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I'm bringing something back to the radio that you may remember. 'Weird Tingly Wednesday'.

You know those things that happen that just seem 'other worldy'. Was it a  strange coincidence? Messages from the other side? Close encounters of a supernatural kind? Something you just can't explain away in a logical way?  I've always tended to be a skeptic. but too many things have happened in my life now that I simply can't explain away.

We'd love you to share your story on the show. Please feel free to write it down as briefly or as detailed as you like, and include a phone number. You may wish to have me read it, or I'll call you and you can tell your own story on the show any Wednesday evening.

'Weird Tingly Wednesday' is back. Please go ahead and tell me all about your story or experience - email it through to our equaly weird & tingly producer roriemcgregor@mediaworks.co.nz