East Coast 'putting on a brave face' despite prosperous bull selling season
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East Coast 'putting on a brave face' despite prosperous bull selling season

New Zealand has taken an absolute battering over the past 18 months and is still well and truly feeling the effects of some of the worst weather the country has seen in a long time.

PGG Wrightson genetics expert and auctioneer Cam Heggie told REX host Hamish McKay he's pleased with this season's bull sales, but that many farmers across the country are still struggling with the long-term effects of extreme weather.

"People are feeling it," he said.

"Not just where they've had those really bad weather events but generally it's just so wet."

The weather was not the only issue farmers are struggling with, Heggie explained, that rural New Zealanders are also feeling the struggle of a cost-of-living crisis and uncertainty around the country's governance just a few months out from the national election.

"Then you bring in things like interest rates and things of that nature, it's just tough."

On a more positive note, Heggie told McKay there have been a lot of positives to take away from the 2-year annual bull sales.

"One of the bigger results around would have been the average at Tangihau, they came out with an average over 40 odd bulls of just over $15,500.

"Stern down in Canterbury, top price of the year they got to $98,000 on a bull to go to Oregon and then they had an $85,000 bull to Blackridge in Taumarunui, so some pretty solid results there.

"It's been a pretty solid season really."

Find more information about the 2-year bull sales at 'Cam Heggie PGG Wrightson Stud Stock Rep- Auctioneer' Facebook page.

Based predominantly on the East Coast of the North Island, Heggie said the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle is long-lasting and farmers in particular are finding it tough to continue to push through challenge after challenge.