The mastery behind the world's best grass-fed steak
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Food & Fibre

The mastery behind the world's best grass-fed steak

The World Steak Challenge, held in London last week saw New Zealand's Alliance Group take out two awards, earning recognition for the best grass-fed steak and the best ribeye steak in the world

Darren Drury from Alliance gave REX host Dom George the inside scoop about the intricate process behind producing the world's best beef, specifically, the Pure South Hand-Picked 55-Day Aged Beef. 

Drury explained the secret behind this delectable cut of beef, attributing its success to the meticulous care and attention given by the farmers. 

"We've put a lot of work into setting up the correct attributes, assessing carcasses and really making sure that the best of the best goes into our brand, which is the Pure South Handpick 55." 

He emphasised the crucial role of the 55-day aging process, which results in a robust, zesty, buttery, and creamy flavour. Furthermore, Drury discussed the importance of New Zealand's unique grass-fed production system, contrasting it with other countries' grain-fed systems. 

He highlighted that this natural way of farming beef has contributed to the success of their product on the world stage. 

In the second part of the conversation, the podcast focuses on the New Zealand lamb industry. Drury provided insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by local farmers, as well as the rising global demand for New Zealand lamb. 

The discussion emphasised the crucial role of sustainability in the production process and how consumer preferences continue to shape the industry. 

Listen to the full chat between Darren Drury and Dominic George above.

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