Agritourism NZ offers opportunities to earn through new 'Academy' program

Agritourism NZ offers opportunities to earn through new 'Academy' program

Many crop or livestock-based farms in New Zealand are fighting an uphill battle against international export markets, legislation, supermarket duopolies and much, much more. But the founder of Agritourism NZ Marijke Dunselman has recently launched a new product the 'Agritourism Academy' which aims to help anyone interested in utilising their local agriculture to make some extra moolah.

She emphasises the significance of the Agritourism Academy, describing it as a platform that offers a range of courses, live Q&A sessions, and expert insights aimed at aiding individuals in developing agritourism ventures on their farms. 

"We've got quite a few people [who] have joined and have started the courses and the weekly life sessions and using the resources, so it's been really, really exciting." 

This encapsulates the enthusiasm and positive response the Academy has received since its launch. A key talking point revolves around the diverse business models in agritourism, including lodges, multi-day treks, and activities that cater to the modern eco-conscious traveller. 

Dunselman shares uplifting stories, such as one about "kids coming back to the farm... and are running a very, very successful business." 

This narrative showcases the rejuvenation of family lands through agritourism and how it can attract younger generations back to rural areas. Dunselman also touches on the growth potential of the agritourism sector, backed by statistics. 

She contrasts the steady increase in international arrivals to New Zealand with the decline in the number of farms and farmland. 

"For farms to become more profitable they need to diversify and agritourism is the right, viable option there." 

The conversation also highlights Agritourism NZ's initiative of hosting free weekly webinars for those interested in exploring the agritourism sector. These webinars cover topics such as return on investment, success factors, and case studies. 

Dunselman invites listeners to take advantage of the resources offered by Agritourism NZ and the Academy, mentioning a promotional discount and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals. 

She encourages serious aspirants to join, saying, "You'll learn a lot and you meet some amazing people."

Overall, the conversation provides a glimpse into the burgeoning agritourism market, the support available for entrepreneurs in this niche, and the personal success stories that make the industry so vibrant.

Listen to the full chat between Marijke Dunselman and Dominic George above.

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