Dairy Women's Network CEO stresses importance of support network for farmers

Dairy Women's Network CEO stresses importance of support network for farmers

Jules Benton is the Chief Executive of the Dairy Women's Network and joined REX host Dominic George live from Fieldays on Thursday.

Benton told him the recent meteoric rise in technology not only in farming but around the world has seemingly come out of the blue and it's now a matter of learning to integrate these new innovations into regular practices across the rural sector.

"How do we adapt, how do we adopt, how do we move forward, how do we accept the change?" she said.

Benton noted the critical role of a strong support group off the farm, to help keep farmers grounded and supported.

"When you accept change, knowing you have a good team of people around you [is very important].

She talked about the positive impact of just sitting down and having someone to talk to in a safe, comfortable environment on a person's mental health.

"Not everyone has all the answers but collectively, we have the answers."

"Just sitting around the table and having a cup of tea with those trusted advisors it's amazing what problems or opportunities can be solved.

"That old saying, a problem shared is a problem halved, maybe it's an opportunity shared is an opportunity put on steroids?"

Listen to the full chat between Dairy Women's Network Chief Executive Jules Benton and Dominic George above.

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