Federated Farmers Chief Executive outlines 12 key policy changes ahead of upcoming election

Federated Farmers Chief Executive outlines 12 key policy changes ahead of upcoming election

With around four months until this year's national Government election, Federated Farmers have released 12 key policy changes they would like to see implemented by the next government.

REX host Dominic George caught up with Federated Farmers Chief Executive Terry Copeland live at Fieldays who outlined each of the 12 points and why they believe each point is important for rural New Zealanders.

"What we've done this year is contain our main points to 12 key areas which sounds like a lot but they contain some pretty key messages," he explained.

Dominic George also spoke to the Acting President of Federated Farmers earlier in the week, who was very impressed with the National Party's latest proposed climate policy, even rating it five stars.

Federated Farmers 12 policy priorities for the next Government:

  1. Support better use of technologies

  2. Unlock potential through water storage

  3. Allow young farmers to access their KiwiSaver

  4. Urgently review our methane targets

  5. Rethink our ETS Forestry Rules and net-zero target

  6. Scrap the Ute tax and fix our infrastructure

  7. Give back control to local communities

  8. Fix our unworkable freshwater rules

  9. Get RMA reform right

  10. Simplify Significant Natural Areas

  11. Build the farmer workforce.

  12. Show fiscal and monetary discipline.

Copeland is also concerned that farmers have drawn the short stick when it comes to the cost of living crisis, and are actually feeling it even more so than the average salary earner.

"If you look at all the on-farm expenses, they are not getting any more for their products but their costs have gone up significantly so their income is severely reduced.

"A farmer at the moment is probably looking at a 20% increase in costs with no increase in income and it only comes off their bottom line which means they will earn a whole lot less money this year."

For more information about Federated Farmers check out their website fedfarm.org.nz or click here to read the full report.