Ancient tractor drives and itself!?
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Cool Sh*t

Ancient tractor drives and itself!?

With the speed at which technology is developing these days, cars that drive themselves are not all that uncommon to see, but an ancient, creaky-looking tractor….now that's not something I would've expected.

But it appears that this 1951 Deutz F1L 514/50 tractor can do just that!

Posted to the @jons_day Tik Tok account, multiple videos show old, restored Deutz tractors seemingly driving without a driver?

Although they certainly aren't moving fast by any means, the tractors appear to reverse and even round corners without anyone holding the steering wheel.

The account has amassed millions of views on videos of the 'self-driving' tractors alone and it seems, sceptical or not, people love to see it.

"Finally… a video on tik tok about something that actually matters" one person commented.

Another saw the funny side of things writing, "Autonomous driving! Like 100 years ago!! Take that Elon".

While it's highly likely the owner has just locked the steering wheel in place and set it on its way before jumping in and turning it off again, the fact a tractor that's over 70 years old is running that smoothly is a miracle in itself.

Speaking of technological advancement, the first certified 'flying car' was officially revealed earlier this week by automotive and aviation startup Alef Aeronautics.

While it is not expected to be available until the end of 2025 and will set consumers back a hefty NZ$487,000, the technology is still mind-blowing.