Building dreams among the treetops A luxurious farm stay experience

Building dreams among the treetops A luxurious farm stay experience

Elizabeth Hayes and her husband Andy have created two luxury, romantic tree houses on their farm. This farm is in the Hakataramia Valley in South Canterbury and includes a sauna built in a tree and it's got a swing bridge. Who wouldn't want to go there?

These aren't your average childhood structures, they are a sophisticated blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, including saunas and swing bridges that offer breathtaking views of the valley.

Hayes delves into her journey from a career in broadcasting to embracing farm life and the creation of the Nest Tree Houses. 

"We absolutely loved glamping and the idea of rustic retreats... we went up and had a look at a wee tree block which is on the edge of a cliff... and thought let's build something here." 

The success of their glamping venture is a testament to their innovative spirit, turning their sheep and beef farm into a sought-after tourist destination. The conversation also covers the impact of the farm and Nest Tree Houses on her family life. 

Hayes shares the profound influence it has had on her children.

"It is just the most beautiful place and they've just got so much freedom to roam with." 

This move has allowed her family to live a life close to nature, offering a lifestyle she had not envisioned in her youth but now deeply cherishes. Another highlight of the discussion is Hayes's insights on news communication. 

She emphasises the importance of making news relatable and human, shedding the authoritative news persona for a more personal touch. 

"If you can put it in a really easy way to understand... speak like a regular human, then it's really really interesting stuff."

Her approach resonates with the ethos of podcasts, where authenticity and evolving opinions are valued. Hayes's influence has unexpectedly extended beyond New Zealand, inspiring a broadcast in Korea. 

This international reach is a pleasant surprise for her, demonstrating the global appeal of her story and the agri-tourism business model. As the episode concludes, Hayes discusses potential future expansions for Nest Tree Houses. 

She playfully considers the financial aspect, "There's always this little thing called money," but remains hopeful about growth. The current popularity of the treehouses, with a waiting list for bookings, suggests a bright future for their enterprise. 

This podcast episode celebrates the blend of entrepreneurial passion, authenticity, and the simple joy of transforming a dream into a successful business that connects with people worldwide.

Listen to the full chat between Elizabeth Hayes and Dominic George above.

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