Hams up: Police called on pig roaming free on Auckland motorway
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Funny Sh*t

Hams up: Police called on pig roaming free on Auckland motorway

Commuters on Auckland's North-Western motorway were treated to a real taste of the country on Saturday as a stray pig was spotted trotting near the Te Atatu Road off-ramp.

A police spokesperson said officers responded after being alerted to the incident at about 4 pm on Saturday afternoon and despite sending police to check the scene out, it is yet to be located.

Someone reported "a pig running on the North-Western Motorway near the Te Atatu Road off-ramp", the spokesperson said.

One person commented on Facebook, "If anyone is missing a little black pig, it was running down the motorway off-ramp heading towards the city..."

It would appear the daring hog simply lost his way but since the initial report on Saturday, no one has come forward with any further information on how it got there or who it belonged to.

The Police also said they were not sure of the breed or origin of the pig.

This is not the first time a wylie swine has been found on Auckland roads either, as another pig caused chaos also on Auckland roads in 2016.

In that case, the daring pig managed to jump from the vehicle it was travelling in and was injured before eventually being re-captured and returned to its owners.

While it's hard to know for sure why a pig would be wandering around one of Auckland's busiest motorways, we can only hope the fact that a pig was causing travel delays put a smile on a few grumpy jaffa's faces.

As of Tuesday morning, there is no further report about whether the animal has been captured, who it belonged to or where it came from.

So if you've got any tips on the best way to track down an elusive hog, we would sure love to hear them!