Teenager crashes into tree six seconds into first driving lesson
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Funny Sh*t

Teenager crashes into tree six seconds into first driving lesson

While many Kiwis start out riding quad bikes in paddocks or even driving small cars around the farm, this young lad has had an absolute mare of a start to his driving journey after crashing the family car during his first lesson with his dad and younger sister watching on.

In the video uploaded to Tik Tok by his father @sidarthacuevas, the 15-year-old appeared pretty stoked to be taking off in his new wheels for the first time. Unfortunately for him, it was maybe a little too eager.

The first-time driver thought it’d be a good idea to put the pedal to the metal and lost control of the wheel despite his Dad best efforts to take over.

Thankfully there was no serious harm done to anyone inside the car aside from a little fright, however, the same can not be said for the poor bloody tree or the front bumper.

While losing control of any motor vehicle is no laughing matter, you can’t help but have a little chuckle at the reactions - or lack of - from both the young driver and his father following the crash.

“Kid’s glasses reacted more than he did,” joked one commenter.

Another said, “The way they look at each other, straight ahead and then to their right in unison kills me.”

Commenters were also very impressed by the father's reaction with one who said "Dad was so chill. my dad would have knocked me out lol"

Another wrote, "Amazing dad! You handled this situation so well!"

The original video has amassed more than 300,000 views but has been reposted in slow motion which has over 1 million views as well as a few other times on the same account.

Maybe this lad ought to start on a tractor, and in a space with far fewer trees!