Quad bike riders drift around farm with jaw-dropping precision
Cool Sh*t
Cool Sh*t

Quad bike riders drift around farm with jaw-dropping precision

Quad bikes are an essential accessory for most farmers and provide a smaller, more mobile alternative to getting around a property. But for some, they are a recreational vehicle that offers an endless adrenaline rush and the potential for some pretty impressive riding.

Tik Tok user @matthewcathcart0 is one of those adrenaline junkies, and by the looks of it, has been tearing it up on a quad bike since he was in nappies!

In a viral video posted to Tik Tok which has amassed nearly 5 million views, Cathcart can be seen racing around his rural property on a four-wheeler with mind-blowing precision.

Drifting through gates barely big enough for the quad, and whistling around buildings at breakneck speeds, the skill and accuracy are certainly to be admired.

An ex-British rally championship contender, Cathcart is certainly no stranger to extreme sports.

His account is riddled with extreme quad biking, motorbiking, drifting cars, jet skis and more adrenaline-pumping thrills.

The commenters were just as impressed with this ATV masterclass as I was, with one writing, "I'm not into quads but you have my full support here".

Another wrote, "This is the only man who can blame the machine instead of the driver."

His weapon of choice for these daring drives is a Honda TRX 420 which is rated as one of New Zealand's favourite ATVs by Honda. 

The latest technology in ECU mapping provides improved linearity in steering response and reduced-low-speed steering effort offers enhanced manoeuvrability, an understandable choice for someone ripping corners as hard as this bloke.

Although continuously ripping around a farm on a quad bike is probably not the best thing for your paddocks, if you can ride as well as this guy can and it looks this cool, I don't think there can be too many complaints.

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