The Dominator & The Hitman talk motorsport, Warriors preliminary final and RWC
McKay on Sport
McKay on Sport

The Dominator & The Hitman talk motorsport, Warriors preliminary final and RWC

As the adrenaline rush of motorsports continues to capture the hearts of many, including REX host Dominic 'The Dominator' George and Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay in this week's sports wrap-up.

With the All Blacks next RWC fixture not until next Saturday, McKay and George touched on the rest of the competition, now a few games in, discussing who looks likely to be the biggest threat come knockout time.

What will have many a Kiwi glued to their television screen on Saturday evening however is the Warriors, playing the Broncos at 9:50 pm live from Brisbane. Former Warrior Reece Walsh is a threat McKay identified, although regardless of the result he told George the team should be proud of their efforts this season.

"There will be disappointment if the Warriors didn't go on and at least get to play Penrith in the Grand Final, but there won't be disappointment in the way that they've given it everything so let's just hope the journey continues," McKay said.

Switching to a more local sporting event, and one that won't necessarily be as well advertised as the NRL preliminary finals, McKay brought up the Manawatu Daybreaker Rally as round four of the NZ Rally Championship, getting underway early on Saturday morning.

"You've got Hayden Paddon and Shane Van Gisbergen, world-class competitors in motorsport there and I think it'll be fantastic."

George asked McKay for his thoughts on Kiwi motorsport legend Greg Murphy's accusation of Van Gisbergen not 'giving it everything' in a recent Supercars event.

The Hitman came to Van Gisbergen's defence, questioning the body language analysis put forward by Murphy and pointing out the dedication and commitment Van Gisbergen has shown over the years. 

"How many times has he given it everything and gone well beyond to make it the spectacle that it is?

"He's been the backbone of it for nearly 8 to 10 years now, I don't know, occasionally, the Giz makes the mistake of wearing his heart on his sleeve, but hell, he's just such a talent and so good for motorsport."

"But that's what I love about him, though," George agreed.

The boys also briefly touched on young F1 prospect Liam Lawson who has come into the spotlight in the past month or so, with both McKay and George hopeful the 21-year-old will be able to lock down a permanent driving position ASAP.

Listen to the full chat between Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay and Dominic 'The Dominator' George above.

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