The Hitman & The Dominator talk Aussie rugby qualms, Drive to Survive and more
McKay on Sport
McKay on Sport

The Hitman & The Dominator talk Aussie rugby qualms, Drive to Survive and more

REX hosts Dom 'The Dominator' George and Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay catch up for a thrilling journey through the world of Australian sports, beginning with a detailed analysis of the current state of Australian rugby and culminating with a dive into the high-stakes drama of Formula One racing. 

The pair discussed the recent changes in Australian rugby's leadership and the implications it could have on the sport. 

George and McKay delved into the challenges that rugby is currently facing in Australia, including the loss of a major sponsor and the departure of the former coach. They speculated on potential successors for the Wallabies coaching position, and the importance of giving coaches time to rebuild a team. 

They also highlight the potential for a return to the glory days of Australian rugby, and the influence of other similar codes like the NRL and AFL's impact on fifteens.

"It used to be the case for the very cream of the crop..(they) would give a few seasons to Union before they go to League, I reckon you might see a bit of a switch back to that," McKay said.

"Especially, if guys can make the moolah to make it worthwhile, which they can in Union now." 

The conversation then shifted gears to Formula One, where they discussed the popular Netflix series, Drive to Survive, and the ongoing drama between Red Bull Racing's team principal, Christian Horner, and legendary driver Lewis Hamilton. 

They explored the possibility of Hamilton switching from Mercedes to Red Bull, with one host saying, 

"Christian Horner is the perfect guy for that scenario... stirs the pot and niggles and just works with those 1% is all the time anything to get an advantage," George said

"He's a master at that." 

Throughout the episode, McKay and George also touched on Cricket, following the recent conclusion of the ODI World Cup as Australia upset hosts India as well as tennis and golf.

Listen to the full chat between Hamish McKay and Dominic George above.

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